Our Test Kits….

  • Individually labeled and bagged according to exam procedure
  • Labeled jars, bottles and spray bottles with mock product included
  • High grade items are included in each kit
  • Shears and razor are included in the cosmetology test kit
  • Odorless monomer and polymer are included in the manicure test kits
  • Cotton salon towels are included in all of our kits
  • Detailed list of kit contents located on each state page

If your state or kit is not available today please check back as we are adding states and kits all the time. Check out our kits.


We offer competitive prices on mannequins, mannequin hands, towels and a bag for carrying your kit and supplies.  Browse our online store for items sold individually.

We offer mannequins, bags and towels to complete your test kit. Keep checking back for other items as we add them to our store.

Cosmetology Test Kits.com was started in 2007 in order to provide quality kits at affordable prices.  We have had the pleasure of providing kits to many students, cosmetology schools, high schools and colleges and universities.